Green Chili Thokku (Spicy Chili Reduction)

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I am not sure what language thokku is in, most likely Telugu, but it refers to any fresh herb/vegetable pounded/ground to a paste with salt, tamarind and jaggery, and reduced in sesame oil. The key ingredients are tamarind, jaggery, and sesame oil. This recipe makes a thokku out of fresh green chilies and is dynamite!

TriColor Pepper Chutney

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Tired of the same old same old coconut, onion, or tomato chutneys? Here’s a refreshing multi-colored, vitamin rich, tangy low fat chutney for you! No need to grate or thaw coconut! Ready in about 20 minutes! Goes great with idli, dosai, pooris, rotis, rice, doubles as sandwich spread!

Lemon Pickle South Indian Style (Elumichai Oorugai)

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This is the basic lemon pickle recipe that is a staple in most Indian households. There are probably hundreds of variations of this preserve from the many regional cuisines in India. This one is a simple one made in Tamil Nadu. Goes excellent with the ubiquitous tambrahm cooler aka yogurt rice aka thayir saadam, upma, roti, etc. Versatile. Settles an uneasy stomach in its salted version. Just an amazing pickle.