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Who doesn’t love a fresh from the oven, warm pretzel (or two!). One of the quintessential mall foods, my daughter and I decided we had to conquer this recipe during this quarantine period. And we’ve made it twice now, improving on technique, taste and texture each time. My daughter is definitely better at shaping them. I do the rest. If I close my eyes, I could almost believe I’m in some mall. So while it satisfies the pretzel craving, it also provides some retail therapy relief!

Guest Post by Allison Dale: Samosa and Gluten Free Samosa Chaat

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This recipe is from Allison, who has been dating my son for about 31/2 years now. Allison is vegan, and a big fan of cooking and eating Indian food. She can polish off a big bag of bhel mix all by herself. This was one of the first recipes she made with/for my son, and has also made for us one Thanksgiving.

Badusha / Balushahi

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Badusha, or Balushahi as it’s known in the northern parts of India, is a delicate, flaky, pastry that is somewhat similar to donuts. Except, I do think it’s not as doughy, and is quite a bit flaky. When I told me daughter it’s like a donut, she asked: “Is this one of those things that you say it’s like an American sweet, but it’s really not?” For some reason, my kids, while they inhale all the spicy Indian food with gusto, run when I offer them Indian sweets. They say it’s too sweet. This from the kids who would eat ice cream for breakfast if it’s an option! But then, I’m digressing. On to the recipe of this delicacy!