Kadalai Paruppu Sundal (Chana Dal Sundal)

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Sundal is the generic term for the South Indian protein/complex carb dish that is made mostly by (sometimes) soaking and then steaming legumes, and seasoning them mildly, and garnished with coconut, cilantro. Roughly they can be equated to salads. They pack a protein punch, and are made during the festival season of Navratri in the southern part of India, on all nine nights, with different legumes such as chana dal (Bengal gram), chick peas (white as well as the small brown kind), peanuts, green gram, etc. Most of them are made with salt and mild spices, but there are a couple of recipes which are sweetened with jaggery and coconut.
I made the one with chana dal for Ganesh chathurthi, which celebrates Ganesha, the god in Hindu mythology who removes obstacles. Sundal is considered one of his favorite foods.

Black Bean Cheese And Pepper Enchilada

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This is a super easy, healthy, and satisfying dinner on a cold winter night. Especially if you get your husband to make them for you! My husband learned this recipe when the kids were in middle school. They’re now in grad school/employed. He still makes it for the family every winter at least once on request, and boy, do we love it! It’s easy to put together, and the leftovers make a beautiful lunch! Chock full of protein, vitamins, and calcium, it’s as delicious as it’s healthy. We typically don’t use low fat anything, but feel free to use low fat cheese. Or vegan cheese, and make it vegan!
My son calls this Mexican Masala Dosai 🙂