Okra Curry

Srilatha Sides, South Indian Leave a Comment

One of the simplest curries to make, and it’s delicious, no hint of any slimyness. I got my kids to eat okra when they were little with the same line my mom got us girls to eat it: it’s brain food, and it’ll make you a whiz at math. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but my kids love love love okra made this way, and won’t let me make it any other way! It’s a breeze to make, and is awesome mixed with rice, and a little ghee. Or as a side for rasam and rice, sambar and rice, yogurt rice, you get the drift…
This is one vegetable you must wash before cutting. One time, in my very very early days of cooking, I forgot to wash it before cutting, and thought nothing of washing it after. Big mistake! Slimy mess, and never repeated again 🙂