Badam Halwa (Almond Fudgy sweet)

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A traditional rich recipe made out of almond paste (soaked almonds ground into a paste with/without milk), sugar, and clarified butter. Those are the basic ingredients. Saffron and cardomom powder are optionally added for flavor and color. Something similar in the western culture would be marzipan, a candy made out of almond paste, sugar, and sometimes eggs. Yeah. Not really similar. Just kidding.

Badusha / Balushahi

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Badusha, or Balushahi as it’s known in the northern parts of India, is a delicate, flaky, pastry that is somewhat similar to donuts. Except, I do think it’s not as doughy, and is quite a bit flaky. When I told me daughter it’s like a donut, she asked: “Is this one of those things that you say it’s like an American sweet, but it’s really not?” For some reason, my kids, while they inhale all the spicy Indian food with gusto, run when I offer them Indian sweets. They say it’s too sweet. This from the kids who would eat ice cream for breakfast if it’s an option! But then, I’m digressing. On to the recipe of this delicacy!

Mysore Pak

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I have wanted to make mysore pak, a melt in your mouth, goodness of ghee and sugar sweet for ages now. The first time I tried it, it didn’t go too well (see recipe notes for what happened). But it was at the back of my mind, that I had to conquer it. And I think today was a small victory! Thanks to moral support, recipe, and videos from mom and my sister, I made it, and it was easier than I thought!