Kadai Paneer

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Kadai paneer is a rustic dish, with big chunks of vegetables and paneer, cooked al dente, coated in a freshly blended spice mix incorporated into a semi dry gravy. Most restaurants serve it floating in a ton of sauce, everything cooked to death, with all the flavors overpowered by the ubiquitous tomato onion gravy. My husband and I have been looking for a semi dry dish, with the vegetables retaining a lot of the texture and fresh flavor, and the paneer just soft enough to chew. I finally found this recipe online, tried it once,and its a winner.
Recipe Source: (with very minor modificaitons)

Black Bean Cheese And Pepper Enchilada

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This is a super easy, healthy, and satisfying dinner on a cold winter night. Especially if you get your husband to make them for you! My husband learned this recipe when the kids were in middle school. They’re now in grad school/employed. He still makes it for the family every winter at least once on request, and boy, do we love it! It’s easy to put together, and the leftovers make a beautiful lunch! Chock full of protein, vitamins, and calcium, it’s as delicious as it’s healthy. We typically don’t use low fat anything, but feel free to use low fat cheese. Or vegan cheese, and make it vegan!
My son calls this Mexican Masala Dosai 🙂