Gelato: Mango

Srilatha Dessert, Italian Leave a Comment

After learning to make pizza and gelato in Florence, Italy in April, I finally got around to actually making the gelato a couple of weekends ago.
A few points:
Gelato is Italian ice cream. It has nothing to do with gelatin.
Gelato has more milk, and very little cream. Ergo, less fat, and somehow, an enhanced taste.
It has at the most 4 ingredients, and is very easy to make. It’s a bit denser than ice cream, which I actually like.
I used the Williams Sonoma ice cream maker, you may use whatever tools/methods you typically make ice cream or sorbet with.
For my very first attempt at a frozen dessert, I chose mango flavor. I also stuck with raw sugar, and just 1 ripe mango, as I like it understated and not too sweet.
You may use more flavor, and more sugar. Play with it. We loved the results.