Eggplant Curry (Kathirika Podi Curry)

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This is one of the best versions of eggplant/brinjal/aubergine made with a special spice mix. Like most children, I wasn’t too fond of eggplant growing up, due to the texture. But my patti got me to eat this in her own special way. After she made this curry, and transferred it to a serving dish, there would be invariably some sticking to the kadai (or maybe she left it on purpose). Anyway, she would add some hot rice to the baanali (that’s what we called the vaanali in our family), add a couple of spoons of ghee, and mix it all together, make balls of the rice shining with the eggplant and the ghee, and go around distributing it. Oh man, that was the best! To this day, I do it every time I make eggplant curry this way, but somehow my memories taste better!

Eggplant Gothsu (Kathirikai Gothsu)

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Eggplant (kathirikai/vangi) gothsu is a tangy spicy side dish that pairs well with bland main dishes like pongal, dosai, idli. The traditional way of making this is to smoke the eggplant and cook it in a tamarind broth spiced with chilies, onions, and sambar powder. And this is the recipe I have made today, to serve with vennpongal.
On to the recipe!

Cashew Pakora (Cashew Fritters)

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A rainy day afternoon deserves, no, demands a light and crispy pakora like this simple, comes-togethe- in-15-minutes snack. With a hot cup of coffee or masala chai. Accompanied by a great book. Or just the sound of thunder, wind, and the pitter patter of rain on the rooftop. Chores, work, worries…all can wait for another sunny day. Make yourself these, and just enjoy the storm while it lasts.