Apple Galette

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A galette is a form of French pastry that is free form, and much less complicated than a traditional pie or a fruit tart. Basically a layer of a single fruit, spiced with aromatic herbs and spices, and layered over a flaky, buttery crust, with the edges folded over, and baked, it’s simplicity itself! Comes together fairly quickly – I made this, my first attempt at a galette, after lunch on Thanksgiving day, and it was ready for the evening tea, warm and fragrant! Heavenly with a cup of freshly brewed coffee! Try it, it’s absolutely worth every buttery flake! Work out a bit extra to melt the calories – you won’t regret it!
I followed the recipe from this site:

Apple Crisp

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Fall…apples, cooler weather, apples, crisp mornings, apples, cider, hay rides, pumpkins, apples,….and that brings me to today’s recipe:
Apple Crisp! This is an unbelievably easy, no-fuss, somewhat healthy dessert.

This one is for my daughter – she loves it, and usually makes extra topping as some of it never sees the oven because she ends up eating it!
Here’s the recipe – the measures are all approximate, increase or decrease the butter, sugar quantities per your taste/requirements. I also use raw sugar instead of white sugar in the apple layer, and didn’t use flour at all.
Have fun with it!