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Akkara adisil is the quintessential Iyengar dessert, and there are no two opinions about how it should be made – it’s basically rice and moong dal cooked in lots of milk and ghee, and a healthy dose of jaggery or unrefined sugar.
The key to this dish is to cook the rice and dal in a mix of water and milk, preferably whole milk.
Story behind the dish:
Legend goes that Andal (Gotha Devi, the lone female among the 12 Aazhvars) longed to become one with Krishna. She obsereved a nonbu (penance, fast) during the month of Margazhi and offered him neivedhyam every day. On the 27th day, she made this dish, cooked rice and dal in milk, sweetened with jaggery, and dripping with ghee, and offered as neivedhyam. She was granted her wish on this day, which is known as Koodaravalli. Yestreday, our local temple performed Andal Kalyanam, and I had taken this as prasadam.

Paal Poli (Fried Pooris in Sweet Condensed Milk)

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I always got intimidated by this dessert, but found that it was a simple recipe, if somewhat time consuming (boiling and reducing the milk). Made a very small batch of 6 pooris for deepavali, and it was gone in seconds! The traditional pooris are made with rava/sooji/cream of wheat, but I made it with maida/AP flour. Regular whole wheat pooris would also work, if you really want to reduce the guilt quotient!

Badusha / Balushahi

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Badusha, or Balushahi as it’s known in the northern parts of India, is a delicate, flaky, pastry that is somewhat similar to donuts. Except, I do think it’s not as doughy, and is quite a bit flaky. When I told me daughter it’s like a donut, she asked: “Is this one of those things that you say it’s like an American sweet, but it’s really not?” For some reason, my kids, while they inhale all the spicy Indian food with gusto, run when I offer them Indian sweets. They say it’s too sweet. This from the kids who would eat ice cream for breakfast if it’s an option! But then, I’m digressing. On to the recipe of this delicacy!