Instant Pot Rasam Rice

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Rasam is what I crave when we’ve been traveling or eating out too much. And on those days when I simply don’t want to mess with soaking tamarind, waiting for the toor dal to cook, and make rice in a different pot. A few years ago, I came across this method where you can make it all in one go and tried it in my pressure pan – this was before the OPOS days. Now, I have started using my instant pot for the same, and even the extra step of watching and turning it off is eliminated. It’s ready with minimal prep – no soaking tamarind, no making a pot of rasam, and rice separately, no waiting for dal to cook. All the ingredients go in the instant pot together, pressure cooked for 15 minutes, and a simple rasam rice is yours – hot, steaming, and will soothe your soul in under 30 minutes. And it tastes heavenly!

Kovakai Curry (Tindora Curry)

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Kovakai (ivy gourd in English, tindora in Hindi) is a 2-3 inch cucumber like vegetable, but sturdier and makes a great stirfry vegetable. Pairs well with any rice dish (rasam/sambar/yogurt or just plain white rice). My kids’ favorite. More ocmmonly available in Indian grocery stores, makes a much-requested appearance in my kitchen whenver kids come home. It can be cut lengthwise or in circles. My kids love it in circles and that’s how I always make it.