Jeera Rasam (Pepper Jeera Rasam)

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This rasam is super easy, and requires no cooked dhal (toor dal is added to the spices and ground into a paste).
This is a very flavorful rasam that is highly recommended when you’re suffering from a cold, or have had a few days of heavy food, and need something light. It makes a wonderful soup, especially when the weather outside is chilly and yucky.

Kootu Variety 1: Poricha Kootu (Lentil and vegetable mixed gravy)

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Kootu is a one pot meal, made with vegetables such as chayote squash, green beans, ash gourd, and one of the dals (toor or moong), mildly spiced, and eaten with rice. It is a healthy wholesome dish, providing carbs, protein, and vitamins all in one shot.