Kollu Rasam (Horsegram Rasam)

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Today’s recipe is made out of the grains that are fed to horses, ergo horse gram. Yep! Instead of the toor dal that is traditionally used in rasam, this recipe bases its protein content on horse gram. Horse gram is supposed to have some magical properties such as helping in weight loss. I don’t know if that’s a confirmed fact or not, but on cold rainy or winter days, it’s a good hearty soup/rasam to have piping hot with some steamed rice.

Jeera Rasam (Pepper Jeera Rasam)

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This rasam is super easy, and requires no cooked dhal (toor dal is added to the spices and ground into a paste).
This is a very flavorful rasam that is highly recommended when you’re suffering from a cold, or have had a few days of heavy food, and need something light. It makes a wonderful soup, especially when the weather outside is chilly and yucky.