Cashew Pakora (Cashew Fritters)

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A rainy day afternoon deserves, no, demands a light and crispy pakora like this simple, comes-togethe- in-15-minutes snack. With a hot cup of coffee or masala chai. Accompanied by a great book. Or just the sound of thunder, wind, and the pitter patter of rain on the rooftop. Chores, work, worries…all can wait for another sunny day. Make yourself these, and just enjoy the storm while it lasts.

Adai (Spiced Rice And Lentil Crepes)

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Adai is a bit difficult to describe – it’s like dosai, but totally different in its composition (more hearty with the dals), taste (has some spice and heat to it) and presentation (not as thin). Maybe a rustic cousin of dosai? A high protein, wholesome and complete meal that doesn’t take hours of prep, no fermentation required, and is almost instant except for the soaking time of 2 hours required for the rice and the dals. I like to soak them at lunch, and it takes less than 30 minutes to grind, add the vegetables, and to have dinner on the table!