Homemade Butter With Store Bought Whipping Cream

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I had no idea churning butter was this easy! I had about half a pint of whipping cream expiring soon and didn’t want to eat it with fruits or anything. And found this easy method to make it into butter! And all it took was about ten minutes. My daughter loved it with the homemade bread I had lying around. Feeling very much like an old time settler. Or like my grandma.

Eggless Orange Tutti Frutti Cake

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I have been wanting to try this cake for a while now, and a weekend party gave the perfect opportunity. I baked two loaves. They turned out pretty good. The only changes I would make the next time is to make it with olive oil instead of butter, and add some orange zest to the batter.

I completely forgot to take pictures while making it, so all the pictures I have are of the finished product!

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

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Mousse means foam in French. Going by that definition, this dessert should be light as foam. I scourged the internet for a light eggless version to make for our anniversary, and ended up grabbing bits and pieces from a few sites, see Recipe notes for links. This is Raj’s favorite dessert. I made 4 glasses, and he polished off 2 of them as soon as they were just about set. I think he liked it!

Black Bean Burger

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I had some leftover black beans from the weekend enchiladas, and 1 beetroot. I typically make patties with beetroot, potatoes and carrots for snacks, and been wanting to make them a little heartier, and add some protein. And this burger was born! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it exceeded my expectations. I used a mix of ghee and oil to shallow fry them on the tawa/pan but it can just as easily be made with just oil, and completely vegan!