Middle-aged And Meandering: How A Recipe Finds Its Way On To Rasaala

  1. Airdrop photosfrom iphone to laptop for the new recipe
  2. Open tinypng (fabulous website that compresses your big jpg files to tiny bite-sized files, ergo the name) to compress photos, and upload them
  3. While it’s doing it, check Facebook because there’s a notification – it’s a recipe request by someone on a photo shared
  4. Go to get the recipe link from rasaala.com
  5. Post the link, and tag the person who requested it
  6. Friend posted picture of a bobcat sighting in her backyard, it’s huge!!! Make an admiring comment on it, with a “haha” emoji
  7. See the recipe for an Indochinese menu in a foodie group I follow – looks so good, wonder if I can make it for dinner
  8. Go to the fridge to check for ingredients. All I have is soy sauce and Sriracha. Add stuff to grocery list
  9. Check on the green beans plant – recipe calls for green beans, one of the plants I’m growing from seeds, it’s doing fabulous, but no flowers yet!
  10. Back to laptop – notice that tinypng is frozen, refresh it
  11. Get distracted by an email from a friend who’s in a google group I manage about changing her information, and go to change it
  12. While there, check another member’s settings to make sure it’s correct as she’s been saying she’s not getting any emails
  13. Before posting recipe, want to settle on the couch with a show or a movie in Netflix to run in the background while posting
  14. Open Netflix and start browsing Malayalam language movies specifically Faahad Faasil’s. Rainy weather makes me want to watch artsy Malayalam movies
  15. Pick one, only after reading the reviews of a few in a trusted site (filmcompanion.in)
  16. Get distracted by a story there about an upcoming movie based on a book (The Extraordinary Life Of A Fakir …) Hmmm. That looks very interesting
  17. Go to amazon.com to check out the book, debate whether to buy it in kindle!
  18. Member in google groups wants her address changed again, do it and text her
  19. This weather making me sleepy – it’s after 3 pm. Debate with self on the risk of drinking coffee this late as won’t be able to sleep.
  20. Go make some coffee and drink
  21. Wonder if my meandering and distracted writing will be a somewhat interesting blog post for the Middle-aged And Restless blog which has been dormant for a while….
  22. Write the blog post
  23. …Wow look at the time! Where did the afternoon go?
  24. 6 websites, 3 hours, 1 strong cup of coffee later – recipe is finally up!




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