About The Recipes

Some of the recipes in Rasaala may seem, to some, too basic. (Really, you’re writing about how to make ghee? Who doesn’t know how to make ghee?)

The reason is this: The main reason I started Rasaala was to pass on my culinary knowledge which I gained from scratch, to my kids. And possibly other young adults like mine. So, some of my recipes would be very basic. But that is not to say they would all be that way. I will have recipes for all levels of expertise out there.

Another thing about the recipes: I am not a creator of recipes. Most of my cooking has been imbibed from the kitchens I’ve been around – from my childhood, my grandmothers, my mom, my friends, my aunts, and cooking shows. So, I claim no originality. For that matter, I think everyone’s recipes are someone’s, most of us aren’t original creators, but experiment and maybe create our own version of a recipe, with our special touch.

But, please note that whenever I use somebody’s recipe, I will be sure to credit the source, and will not intentionally violate any copyright laws.

Hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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